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Insurance Brokers in Camrose

Everyone is different, and that means your insurance needs are also unique. The Wetaskiwin Agencies team—dependable insurance brokers in Camrose—offers a wide range of insurance types. Whether you’re in need of special events insurance to help a big day run more smoothly or personal property insurance in Camrose to protect the items inside your home, Wetaskiwin Agencies is here to help. Our full list of insurance options includes the following:

  • Personal Property Insurance

  • Commercial Liability Insurance

  • Commercial Property Insurance

  • Commercial Automobile Insurance

  • Marine Insurance

  • Motorcycle Insurance

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Travel Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Farm Property

  • Special Events Insurance

Our Companies

Our team of insurance brokers in Camrose is able to help you acquire insurance products from a number of established and highly reputable companies, including:


Meet with Us for Insurance Consultations in Camrose

To help you navigate successfully through the many product types and insuring companies, we invite you to meet with us for insurance consultations in Camrose. It’s here, in these consultations, that you’ll really see what makes the Wetaskiwin Agencies team stand out: when you work with us, you’ll become more than just a name on a page in front of us—you’ll become an individual we learn the insurance needs of, allowing us to effectively guide you to the right insurance product. Don’t wait—call us now to schedule a personalized meeting or get a free quote. We can help set up everything from commercial auto and property insurance to personal property insurance for Camrose and surrounding area residents.

Become more than a number with Wetaskiwin Agencies

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